859-331-1644 Swim Club By-Laws


  • Create an account on the Beechwood Swim Bond Marketplace.
  • Seller: Please make sure your account is good standing.
  • Once the sale transaction is complete, please give the new member the 4 paper bonds.
  • *If you have lost your bonds, you will need to contact the pool for replacement. You will assessed a $50 replacement fee.
  1. Please email the club to verify the person you are buying from is in good standing (beecwhoodswimclubky@gmail.com)
  2. Please email the following information to get added to the pool system: Address, Phone number, All of the name and DOBs on the membership
  3. We will also need a check for a $50 transfer fee sent to PO Box 10766 Ft Mitchell KY 41017
  4. Set up time with Treasurer to get Bonds singed over.
Beechwood Swim Club is a non-profit corporation owned by its members through the issuance of bonds. The general operations of the club are overseen by a board of directors consisting of member volunteers elected by bond-holders, and the daily functions are overseen by management employed by the board.
The vast majority of members at Beechwood Swim Club are bond-holders. The ownership of the swim club consists of 500 bonds issued to members by the board of directors. The bond is a one-time expense that essentially gives the bond-holder an ownership interest in the club and the ability to elect the board of directors. Once purchased, the bond remains with the holder indefinitely, as long as they remain in good standing, until they opt to transfer it to another or sell it back to the club. As a bond-holder, one commits to paying their annual membership dues or, in the alternative, an inactive fee for that season, making bond ownership a more permanent membership option than other, such as rentals.
Bonds are available for purchase directly from the club or from bond-holders in private sales. Information about either type of purchase can be obtained by sending an inquiry to beechwoodswimclubky@gmail.com
The annual dues depend on the type of membership the bond-holder chooses for the season. A breakdown of the various memberships and annual dues associated with each can be found here.
There are seasonal rental membership options available that do not require the member to be a bond-holder. Information about rental memberships can be found here.
Beechwood Swim Club has historically been open from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day. Membership dues for the 2021 season are due by April 15th. A $50 late fee will be required for membership dues not paid by April 15th. Membership dues can be paid with credit card in our member portal by logging in here \\\\\\\\\\\\*\\\\\\\\\\\\**. Dues can be paid by mailing a check to:

Beechwood Swim Club
PO Box 17066
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017

Checks for membership dues that are mailed must be postmarked by April 15th to avoid the $50 late fee. Checks postmarked after April 15th must include the aforementioned fee for the member to be in good standing on opening weekend.

Yes, memberships come with guest passes. After guest passes are used, guests can attend with a member in good-standing for a daily fee. Information regarding guest access to the pool can be found here.
We are a member-owned swim club and, thus, the satisfaction of our members is extremely important. For daily issues, management is available to assist you. The head manager for the 2021 season is Nick Hovan, who can be contacted through the front office. For broader issues or suggestions regarding swim club policy and operations, the board of directors is here to listen and provide answers. For this season, the board of directors is:
  • Josh Colvin – President
  • Jim Brannen – Vice President
  • Stephanie Bogenschutz – Treasurer
  • Barb Erardi – Secretary
  • Gene Burchell – Director
  • Kyle Burns – Director
  • Kelley Young – Director

The most convenient way to bring any issues to the board of directors is to send an email to beechwoodswimclubfeedback@gmail.com.  The board will monitor this email address and will review and discuss all issues raised.  The board will always get back to you!

At this time, the board does not know if weekend reservations will be required for 2021.  If necessary, the pool will implement the same reservation system that was used in 2020.  The link to the weekend reservation site is \\\\\\\\\\\\*\\\\\\\\\\\\*\*.  Similar to last year, the reservation window for the following weekend will open each Monday at midnight. Please see the step-by-step instructions in the following link.